3rd Scandinavian Pediatric Obesity Conference 2008

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SOFT introduction day for free
when you register for 3rd SPOC 2008
Sign up on for a special introduction day in the SOFT model at the Childhood Obesity Unit, on March 5, 2008. Meet the multidisciplinary team, visit the center and learn about SOFT. All this for free when you register for 3rd SPOC 2008, March 6-7 in Malmö, Sweden. There is a limited number of places, so make sure to register soon.number of places, so make

Preliminary Program

10:00-10:40 Introduction with coffee
Opening lecture:
Obesity in children and adolescents – medical background,
prevention, and different treatment methods.
Carl-Erik Flodmark, MD, PhD, founder and president of
Childhood Obesity Unit at University Hospital Malmo

10:40-10:50 Break

10:50-12:00 Discussion in groups with tour of Childhood Obesity

You may choose two of the four groups listed below. Every group discussion
will take 30 minutes.

Group 1 – Medical assessment and care in SOFT program
Jet Derwig, pediatrician

Group 2 – Family and network in SOFT program
Torsten Olsson, child psychologist and family therapist, and Kajsa Järvholm, child psychologist

Group 3 – Physical activity and sports in SOFT program
Paulina Nowicka, MSc in exercise and sports psychology

Group 4 – Nutrition and food habits in SOFT program
Björn Bengtsson, dietitian and Anna Ek, dietitan

12:00-13:00 Lunch (On your own)

13:00-14:30 How to change food and physical activity habits – practical tools and experiences with SOFT
Paulina Nowicka and Björn Bengtsson

14:30-15:00 Coffee break

15:00-16:00 SOFT in practice – John, age 12, case study
Paulina Nowicka

16.00-16.30 Discussion with concluding remarks

SOFT® (Standardized Obesity Family Therapy) is a treatment model used to help obese children and adolescents. This family therapy-based method is solution-focused, which means that it aims to find solutions rather than to emphasize problems. The point of departure is a focus on the personal resources of the child and the family, which strengthens the child’s self esteem and enables the child to find the path to a healthy weight, supported by family, therapists, and other important individuals in the child’s world. The treatment focuses on everything from exercise and diet to self-esteem and family structure. A medical assessment is the foundation and requirement of treatment.

The SOFT® model was formulated and developed for 20 years by pediatrician Dr. Carl-Erik Flodmark. He and psychologist MSc Torsten Ohlsson carried out a study at the Child and Adolescent Center at Malmö University Hospital, which showed that family therapy is an effective method for treating obese children (Flodmark, Pediatrics, 1993). Read more about SOFT at www.bravikt.info

How do I register?
Mark the field "SOFT Introduction Day March 5, 2008", when you register on the SPOC website: www.childhoodobesity.info. There is a limited number of places, so make sure to register soon.


The Childhood Obesity Unit, organizing this conference, started in 2001 using a family therapy-based treatment program. The treatment is evidence-based. The treatment team consists of pediatrician, nurse, dietitcian, sports trainer, family therapist and information assistant.
More information on Childhood Obesity Unit, Malmö, Sweden