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Carl-Erik Flodmark, President

Carl-Erik Flodmark, MD, Ph D has been treating childhood obesity since 1986. His thesis regarding childhood obesity was presented in 1993. He got the assignment to start a regional Childhood Obesity Unit in 2001. Since 2004 the unit is an official tertiary referral centre for Region Skåne and since 2006 also for hospital and health care in Blekinge, Halland and Kronoberg counties. From 2002 until 2004 he was the President of the national Swedish Family Therapy Association. Currently his is a member of the editorial board of International Journal of Obesity. In 2004 the first Scandinavian Pediatric Obesity Conference (SPOC) was started by the Childhood Obesity Unit in collabration with Angelo Pietrobelli and Inge Lissau.



President SPOC 2008
Carl-Erik Flodmark, MD Ph D
Childhood Obesity Unit, Malmö University Hospital, Sweden

Organizing Committee
Childhood Obesity Unit, Malmö
University Hospital, Sweden
Chair: Paulina Nowicka

Annica Larsson
Margareta Ahlström

International Scientific Committee
Chair: Carl-Erik Flodmark, MD, Ph D, Childhood Obesity Unit,
ö University Hospital, Malmö
, Sweden
Inge Lissau, PhD, Department of Health, Vordingborg Kommune,

Angelo Pietrobelli, MD, Pediatric Unit, Verona University Medical
School, Verona, Italy
Richard L Atkinson, MD, Virginia Commonwealth University,
Richmond, USA
Aviva Must, Ph D, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, USA

The Childhood Obesity Unit, organizing this conference, started in 2001 using a family therapy-based treatment program. The treatment is evidence-based. The treatment team consists of pediatrician, nurse, dietitcian, sports trainer, family therapist and information assistant.
More information on Childhood Obesity Unit, Malmö, Sweden