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March 6th 2008

Energy gain and energy gap in normal weight children
S Plachta-Danielzik, Germany

Intima media thickness in children with Morbid Obesity and Familial
M Frisch, Austria

Is the childhood obesity epidemic easing off in Sweden?
L Lissner, Sweden

Associations among obesity, blood pressure, and left ventricular mass
A Maggio, Switzerland

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass for adolescents  (13– 17 y) with morbid obesity
- preliminary results from a Swedish nationwide study
T Olbers, Sweden

Prevalence of Non-alcoholic fatty Liver in childhood affected by simple obesity
Y Petros, Italy

Effect of the glycemic index of carbohydrates on day-long (10 h) profiles of plasma
glucose, insulin and gut peptides involved in hunger and satiety
R Reynolds, Australia

Early life risk factors for Obesity
E Ghods, Austria

Obesity and hypertension prevalence in Italian school children population:
a longitudinal study
N Fuiano, Italy

Aspects and Outcome of the Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes in
Obese Children and Adol escents
S Wiegand, Germany

Total body fat mass, aerobic fitness and physical activity as predictors of increase
in fat mass over 2 years
M Dencker, Sweden

Objective physical activity assessment in children: stability over time
G Nyberg, Sweden

March 7th 2008

Nurses’ barriers when promoting healthy habits to parents
L Ljungkrona-Falk, Sweden

Sedentary behaviours and excess of body fat in Spanish adolescents.
The AVENA Study
G Rodriguez, Sweden

First results from the "Södertälje model" treating obese children at a general
outpatient paediatric single- centre according to the Stockholm County Council
action plan against childhood obesity
N Gawrieh, Sweden

Psychosocial strain, stress coping and obesity in adolescence: the impact of
electronic media
R Thalemann, Germany

The impact of sleep duration on nutritional status and metabolic risk in children
and adolescents (cross-sectional data from the Kiel Obesity Preven tion Study (KOPS)
B Hitze, Germany

High prevalence of cardiovascular lifestyle related risk factors among adolescents
with mild learning disabi-lity
E Flygare Wallen, Sweden

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The Childhood Obesity Unit, organizing this conference, started in 2001 using a family therapy-based treatment program. The treatment is evidence-based. The treatment team consists of pediatrician, nurse, dietitcian, sports trainer, family therapist and information assistant.
More information on Childhood Obesity Unit, Malmö, Sweden