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European Association for Research on Obesity in Childhood

In cooperation with EASO


Fatty Liver Disease in Childhood Obesity

8th March, 2008, Malmö

Childhood Obesity Unit – lecture room


Final Program



Chairman: Kurt Widhalm, Carl-Erik Flodmark


02:30-02:45                  Introduction

                                    Carl-Erik Flodmark (Sweden)


02:45-03:05                  Behavioral changes and liver disease

                                    Tomas Sveger (Sweden)


03:05-03:25                  Lipids and liver disturbances – what comes first?

                                    Kurt Widhalm (Austria)


03:25-03:45                  Metabolic effects of lipid deposition and partitioning

                                    Ram Weiss (Israel)


03:45-04:00                  BREAK


04:00-04:20                  Screening and outcomes

                                    Antal Nemeth (Stockholm)


04:20-04:40                  Lifestyle changes and the effect on NASH in obese children

                                    Thomas Reinehr (Germany)


04:40-05:00                  Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in overweight children is related to male gender and features of the metabolic syndrome

Dagmar l’Allemand-Jander (Switzerland)


05:00-05:20                  Contributions of specialist who have experiences with the topic


05:20-05:30                  Short Communication

                                    Pediatric hyperinsulinemia, oxygen stress and NAFLD

                                    Tamas Szamosi (Hungary)


05:30-05:40                  Liver steatosis in obese children (NAFLD); results from biopsies in 197 cases

                                    Valerio Nobili (Italy)


05:40-06:00                  Panel debate with all the speakers leaded by

                                    Angelo Pietrobelli (Italy) and Carl-Erik Flodmark


06:00-06:15                  Conclusion

Consensus statement: current concepts of diagnosis and treatment of NASH/ NAFLD in obese children/ adolescents


18:30 1st General Assembly of EAROC


Scientific Committee:

Carl-Erik Flodmark, Kurt Widhalm, Paulina Nowicka, Angelo Pietrobelli


Registration fee: € 100,--. Free entrance for EAROC-members!

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The Childhood Obesity Unit, organizing this conference, started in 2001 using a family therapy-based treatment program. The treatment is evidence-based. The treatment team consists of pediatrician, nurse, dietitcian, sports trainer, family therapist and information assistant.
More information on Childhood Obesity Unit, Malmö, Sweden